A Guide to Scandinavian Interior Design

What is Scandinavian Interior Design?

Scandinavian, or "Scandi", is known for it's calm, pure, clean and functional philosophy.

Originating in the Nordic countries, Scandinavian interior design has gained popularity throughout the world for its ability to combine usefulness with visual aesthetics.

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It mainly focuses on keeping things simple while providing the greatest level of comfort and convenience for the user. Along with that, here are 5 design aspects that really distinguishes the Scandinavian style amongst other contemporary interiors.


1. Subtle Colours

Scandinavian interior designs are most commonly seen incorporating basic colours like black and white. While other colours are also used, they are toned down to very subdued shades and they don’t appear bold.


The main focus is on using light, pastel colours which do not normally dominate the whole piece of furniture. On the same note, while bright and bold colours are not common, they are sometimes used to provide a little drama to the room through one piece standing out from the rest. It also keeps the interior from looking too muted down!

Photo from @scandinavianhomes, Instagram

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It is versatile in the way that it can be used in a bedroom with neutral coloured furniture and even in a living space that has a subtle grey for the base colour. Click the image to shop now!


2. Flooring

    One of the main features of Scandinavian interior design is the use of wooden floors. This kind of flooring, unlike carpets, makes any room feel clean, airy and open.

    This ideology originates from the importance of long Scandinavian winters that are mostly spent indoors so in order to not make you feel stuffy. The wooden floors used are usually of soft colours ranging from birch to a grey-stone tile.


    3. Furniture

      The furniture that goes into Scandinavian design is very simplistic. The chairs and sofas are made from clean lines and natural materials like wood are most commonly used. The manufacturing style of the furniture is also very unique and artistic, focused on high-quality materials and modern aesthetics. 

      The Josefine Sofa from The Essence of Home might be the perfect addition to an interior that is focused on the Scandinavian philosophy with its light grey colour on the seating and the natural timber colour of the chair legs. This sofa exudes warmth and provides the perfect balance.

      More important is the placement of it in a setting. Scandinavian interior design emphasizes on the need to have more open space and elegantly placed furniture. Any sort of cluttering is a big no-no!


      4. Minimalism

        While clutter is absolutely not associated with any sort of Scandinavian aesthetics, anything that says warm and cozy is welcome. Small household items like candles, rugs, hand-woven baskets around a fireplace can be the perfect setting for any Scandinavian inspired home.

        Photography by Lisa Cohen (@lisacohenphoto) Styled by Ruth Welsby (@ruthwelsby), Featuring Alpaca Pepper Throw by @stalbansliving

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        5. Lighting

          The lighting on the inside of a room is of particular importance when Scandinavian designs are concerned particularly because of the need to stay indoors during the harsh long winters. There need to be multiple sources of light and the atmosphere on the whole needs to be luminous.

          For this purpose, Scandinavian interior designs incorporate a multitude of different types of lamps such as table lamps, pendants, wall lamps and floor lamps.  The Lumiere Floor Lamp at The Essence of Home might be one of the perfect additions to any living room setting.


          Is Scandinavian the style for your home?

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          "Design your home so that it tells the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love."

          -- Nate Berkus, Interior Designer